Jemimah Amirtharaj is a mother of two, an author, a singer, a motivational speaker, and a blogger.  She was born to Godly parents who Pastor at New Life Assemblies of God, in Chennai, which is one of the largest churches in India. M. Jemimah met the Lord at an early age. She began her walk with the Lord and started to write small articles on verses from her daily Bible readings. Then, M. Jemimah began a website where she started to reach out to larger audiences with the Word of God. Many people have been blessed by those devotional articles. The Lord clearly impressed on her heart to release a book that will help people face life’s problems through the Word of God. Obeying the Lord’s guidance, M. Jemimah has compiled the articles into a book called I’m Changed:my past forgiven.. my future secure. She first, completed her Engineering in Computer Science, then went on to receive a Master of Business Administration, and finally, M. Jemimah received a Masters of Divinity in Theology. At the present, M. Jemimah is pursuing her Ph. D. in Political Science. She speaks at youth meetings and women’s conferences. M. Jemimah’s life has been an encouragement to many who have chosen to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

About the Book


‘I’m Changed’ is a book that is birthed to inspire people — through the powerful word of God, that can change and transform lives. It is not a book that brings about a momentary change or a feel good thought but, these are life changing lessons that God taught the author through the Scriptures inspired by the Holy Spirit. Maybe you just got out of a difficult situation or you are going through one or you might have to face one in the future. Whatever be your situation, this book will help you to find valuable lessons that can be etched in your heart forever to bring forth solutions and fruits that will last until you meet Jesus face to face.