Now you should be ready to use all of your Guatemalan slang on the street or on the chicken bus. Esta noche vamos a rumbear/tonear/carretear/parrandear/arrancar/farrear! After that, its just $149/mo for unlimited one-on-one tutoring. Used asslang for snack food, or more commonly for appetizers before lunch or dinner. 5. In fact, this term is pretty common in all of Central America, especially in Mexico Aguas cruzando la calle, recuerda! Una coche viene. Jefe vs Patrn: The nuances of addressing your Boss in Spanish, Te Quiero vs Te Amo: How to Say I Love You in Spanish, Poder conjugation: A complete guide to the conjugation of Poder. Moreover, there is a lot of things you can visit, see and enjoy in Guatemala, starting from saved monuments from Last edited on Mar 07 2018. You can find her at However, like an insult with cookies, this one means 'Go f yourself.'. To rest or relax, or be relaxed, or to not do much (we can relate to this one). It seems that eggs are used quite a bit here in slang, in Ecuador huevada means bullshit and here in Peru que huevon means what a lazy ass. Interestingly, this word is so common among the locals that you can hear it all over the country. Here we'll help you grasp slang words that can make your travel experience easier whether you're visiting . (English translation: Stick it up to your ass! I am going to the cinema with my friends. In Argentina, the expression is a bit fancier, as they will throw . 10 Brutal Guatemalan Spanish Curse Words You Need To Know To Survive In Guatemala! These Guatemalan words and slang will not only make you sound cool but also help you get around! If you are planning to visit some of the . This is a cute little term youll probably hear often to refer to a child. Its also utilized in countries like Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Honduras. Te lo envo al toque Your Credit Letter is valid towards Volunteer Abroad, International Internship, TEFL Certification, Spanish Immersion, Gap Year, and Study Abroad programs. 6) Chapino, chapina, or chapines. So here is a list of the top 10 most commonly used Guatemalan slang words: This is a common expression that Guatemalans share with their northern neighbors. : sometimes you just need to be the loudest of your friends when speaking Spanish if you want to get everyones attention. Land of eternal spring. Estoy muy cansadadespus mi vuelo y he estado de peluche. Mainly used in Colombia and Venezuela. Hey, listen here, I need silence to concentrate. This word literally means nail. For whatever slangy reason, its the word commonly used to declare theres a problem. And there are many more useful things that can help you improve your Spanish skills with this So really, you have to pay attention to the context if you want to understand the conversation. Similar to "dude" in English, "gey" is commonly used for friends or acquaintances, and in some unpleasant situations, refers to strangers in a sarcastic way. Literally, it means It is so Friday. Dos que tres! Esa camioneta es muy bonita. In Guatemala, it is still commonly used this way. Your email address will not be published. Ten funny Spanish insults to use in various situations are in one place. To gossip, criticize or talk behind someones back. Guatemala, a small country south of Mexico, has a lot of different slang words that really make it stand out linguistically. Aguas con el trfico! Canche means blonde and its a common nickname and term of endearment used in Guatemala. Things like Englishmen or Spaniards would be examples of gentilicios. So, burra could be literally translated as a female donkey. It seems like the Spanish like to compare food and insults. This is a slang expression for cash, so if youre going out to eat or plan to catch a tuk-tuk, be sure you have some pisto in your pocket. In case you missed it, here is a quick round-up of the countries we covered thus far in our Spanish slang series. Literally, its a bit like telling them to . (Mara is from Guatemala. Learn English Have you ever watched TED talks? (This parade is a drag.). However, some of the native Mayan languages are still present in the region, so these languages, along with some Nahuatl vocabulary, make their way into modern-day Guatemalan Spanish (the only official language). Its said in a loving and fun way. However, of all rude Spanish phrases, this one is a pleasant average. Expand your Spanish vocabulary beyond slang terms before your trip to Guatemala, and have a better trip for the effort. Literally, the wordtranslates to English asthorough, but in Guatemala its used much more loosely. Why asparagus? Be careful, when advising someone or giving advice. Dont get us wrong, it is rude, indeed, but many of them dont take it too seriously when hearing it or saying it. This is the most typical Guatemalan slang used to refer to another person from Guatemala. However, in Guatemala, it is a term of endearment for a friend. But is this really true? Similar to Hey! in English. This term is used to refer to all your things. - eQuiz.Me - Tefl.NET, 1997-2023 All Rights ReservedWorld's premier FREE educational website for learners + teachers of English England since 1997, someone who says nice things to someone in order to get something from them, a disliked or pitiful person, usually a man, an unfashionable or socially awkward person, a derogatory word for a person from Italy, Spain, Portugal or South America, an unreliable person who says they'll do something, but then doesn't do it, a girl or woman with a reputation for sleeping with many people, a rural person regarded as uneducated and mentally slow (n.) | provincial or rural (adj. (Yes, its easy to do it.). Que Huevon. Its like saying something is awesome, or pretty good. Check out this list of some of the most common Californian phrases you might need to translate. We had problems creating your account. FluentU brings Spanish to life with real-world videos. Is Guatemala rich or poor? The colonial architecture in Antigua Guatemala makes it a picturesque town full of wonder. guatemala slang insults. Do you know that people from Spanish-speaking countries are very passionate? ), No te lo voy a decir, shute. ). In this context, the word peinabombillas is a compound verb, which means to be naive or very stupid. Every hunter values his hounds. Tengo un gran clavo con mi familia. Dance to music played by street musicians near the fountain in Antigua. Instead, Chapn refers to a Guatemalan male and Chapina to a . Guatemalans are expressive, and they love to give people nicknames. Join our newsletter for exclusive features, tips, giveaways! But Spaniards are far more creative, dont you think so? Guatemalans. In South America, we have an obsession with slang related to animals. If you want to insult someone who is not talented, intelligent, or attractive, then you can use this insult. We all know that "agua" means water, but in Guatemalan slang, adding an "s" (i.e. If youre in a more formal situation, the official gentilicio is guatemalteco/a. Qu hacs boludo? is a pretty standard phrase in Argentina. In most Spanish speaking countries, this word is a term for a female donkey, but in Guatemalan slang, its used to refer to a bus. Esta musica es cabal. Literally, the word can be translated as a dog but in slang, this word describes a nasty and greedy person. You could very well be a fluent Spanish speaker, but one visit to a new country in the region can leave you confused and questioning your own ability. I Went To Belgium To Find Out After a 90-Day Lesson Streak, 19 Funny, Sarcastic, and No-Nonsense Trini Sayings Youll Want To Start Using Every Day, This Guide To British Sayings and Slang Will Have You Chitchatting With the Queen in a Snap, 12 Spanish Words With No Exact Equivalent, These Stunning Cabins Are the Ultimate Zion National Park Basecamps, 8 of the Coolest Airbnbs Near Disney World, Orlando, 8 La Condesa Airbnbs To Settle Into Mexico Citys Coolest Neighborhood, Download the Chilero basically means cool, good, or nice as an adjective. All rights reserved. Clavo literally means nail, but in Guatemalan slang, it could mean something close to having a problem, with something or someone. T'es Ben Chix. A post shared by Maximo Nivel (@maximoabroad) on May 4, 2019 at 5:32pm PDT. 10-Year Payment Guarantee. This word means kid or child. For example: A bochinche is a group of people making noise for a reason or cause. Heres one interesting phrase. It can be a chicken bus or a metro bus, theyre all considered burras. No matter Spanish is the official language of Guatemala and youll learn Spanish fast by talking to locals, going to restaurants, or doing other activities while there. Things like Englishmen or Spaniards would be examples of gentilicios. If someone is bothering you, then this is one of the slang terms you can use to tell them to be quiet and go away. Knowing a languages slang will bring you a whole new level of understanding and ability to connect with the natives. Youll often hear them referred to as aburra, from the wordburro(donkey), but this is actually the word for any type of bus. Its usually noisy and can even be a strike or a riot. ( That restaurant is cool.) Spanish is a very colorful and expressive language. This is a casual way to tell someone that theyre dumb but just joking around. Remember, the worst case scenario is you get a few free classes, dont like it, and end up with an extra $20 in the bank. All rights reserved. Let's connect you with a hand-picked native-speaking tutor today. Listo! Learn more here. This guide to Guatemalan slang is for English speakers visiting Guatemala for the first time. 2. Adding Guatemalan words to your vocabulary will make your Spanish richer. Go click that link! This phrase is among quite weird insults. Its a pretty good slang term that is similar to how in English, people used to say they had beef with someone. Online vs. Onsite TEFL: Whats Right for You? Its informal and used in a colloquial way. Dont be nosy, my private life is private. Youll hear this in Colombia, Argentina, and Panama. Dejaste tus chivas en mi carro.You left your stuff in my car. Things like Englishmen or Spaniards would be examples of. Yes! Recommended: How to Learn Spanish Fast in 2023. (Were going to Panajachel on Monday.). Tomo una burra para ir al trabajo. Like, the many ways of preparing eggs, huevos is the most versatile slang word for Guatemalans. This is the perfect response if a friend says theyd rather stay in than go to the party. Your Credit Letter is valid for 10 years and is fully transferable. The word burra comes from burro, which is a donkey in Spanish. Of course not. Are you amazed by French spoken in Canada? mobile app. Exiled from the country for life for selling many children to slavery. Today, well learn 20 Guatemalan words to expand your Spanish slang vocabulary. Guatemalas colorful and elaborate handwoven textiles are famous worldwide. In most of the world, this word means animal feces. (English translation: Not to know even a potato about something). Both slang and profane swearing are found only in colloquial styles - which leads us to the discussion of styles as varieties of English. It means to relax and do absolutely nothing. A common story to hear in the Americas, Guatemala is home to, are still present in the region, so these languages, along with some. Its not really an insult but more a term of endearment. 5) Aguas! Traditionally, the word is used offensively for someone who does nothing with their life; a big zero, a loser. Translation help and terminology resource for the Spanish to English term, pinche (insulto? Este es el plan Hey, listen here, this is the plan, Vete de aqu, shute, esto no te incumbe Get out of here man, this does not concern you. (She told me a lie about her family. ), When faced with an event thats kind of a drag, locals often say,Ser muy viernes.. On the contrary, Spanish is full of entertaining surprises. Pay attention to the intonation and non-verbal cues. The word agua means water, in slang, it is used for different purposes. Boquitos. . ), S, es una casaca hacerlo. A word used as an alternative for kid or child. This saying literally translates as Youre Friday. Careful crossing the Street, remember! (English translation: Youre so ugly you made an onion cry). At first, saying someone to go and fry 2015-2023 BaseLang, LLC. See more words with the same meaning: miscellaneous insults (list of). The goal is to learn and have fun. Guatemalan are gentle people. Its like saying, , , que mi jefe meti las patas, y a m me estaba echando la culpa. 10) Boquitas. This word is one of the most famous slang words, meaning cash. It's legit: California slang, that is. Ya estas Viernes. This is another way of expressing appreciation, so if you like whats being suggested, just use this word! Chapn is a male from Guatemala, and chapina is a female. Subscribe for exclusive city guides, travel videos, trip giveaways and more! If youre thinking that agua is water, youre right. Me dijo una casaca sobre su familia. Twitter - Facebook Its meaning is 'you're hot' but it is also one way people use it in informal speeches. Many believe they created their own astrology and were advanced astronomers, engineers, and architects. Agarra la burra para llegar a casa de tu to. (Do you have cash for the market? Now, lets take a deep dive into Guatemalan words and culture. Saying te voy a dar una galleta as an insult means that you are going to hit someone. You wont learn these things in school, so weve made a list of the most often used insults in Spanish and situations when you can use them. If youre traveling throughout the region, slang words play a large role in social interaction and culture. In Argentina, the expression is a bit fancier, as they will throw the galgos, which is a fancy breed of dog. But thats part of the joy of learning a language. They are of mainly English-speaking West Indian (Antillean) and Garifuna origin. Que chilera tu bolsa!Your purse is awesome! In Colombia (except in Santander), Peru, and Panama, estoy arrecho means horny. If youre looking for the support of an incredible teacher, we can help. And here you can say La musica es cabal! 14. 12 Common Hand Gestures in the US That Will Insult People in Other Countries, 29 Phrases To Get You Started Learning Pidgin English, Does Duolingo Actually Work? We can eat some snacks while we watch Netflix. Necesitoir a la tienda para comprar boquitas. Soy chapina y estoy orgullosa de ello.Im a Guatemalan and proud of it. If you begin your program, but you must return home before your program end date, Maximo Nivel provides you with a Credit Letter pro-rated from your last day in the program. 14 Guatemalan Slang Words & Phrases For Every Spanish Learner. Its a playful way to call out on someone whos intruding in your life. Casacacan either be a lie or something that is easy. Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy Contact Us 2022 HSA. (I need to go to the store to buy snacks.). This is one that has lots of related meanings such as awesome, pretty, good, etc. There are some kids playing soccer on the street. Every country has its own slang. Bus, a common form of transport here and a term that many locals will use with a sarcastic dose of disdain. el diamante teacher fired,