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Anand Mahadevan is a church planter and business journalist. He is the lead church planter at New City Church, which meets in downtown Mumbai. New City Church intentionally reaches out to influential professionals, entrepreneurs, and artists. The church plant was initiated under the premise that reaching these influential people is a key part of impacting the entire city. Anand also speaks occasionally in churches and conferences in India and abroad.Anand has more than 22 years of experience, working as a business journalist. He has served in senior leadership roles with several publication companies, including Businessworld, Outlook Business, and presently works with The Economic Times.Anand is married to Ajitha, and they have two children; Varun and Varsha.

About the Book

The Grace of God and the Flaws of Men is a deep exploration of the truth and power of the Gospel through the failures of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.These three men have always been celebrated as heroes of faith, and rightly so too. But before they emerged as true heroes, each of them also had several moments of weakness along their respective journeys in faith.This book is a delightfully counter-intuitive narrative of the flaws, failures, and frustration of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But as we uncover each flaw of these three men, it is not the ugliness of their sin, but the beauty of God’s grace that will be more obvious. Each chapter dives into the abominable depths of the sins of men, only to come back up with the dazzling riches of the Gospel of grace.This is the central theme of this book: when sin reigns darkest, grace shines brightest. And this grace is not just the mercy of God for our forgiveness; it is also the power of God for our transformation.